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President Biden raised millions of dollars for his reelection bid in Silicon Valley on Friday as he poked at former President Trump and argued that his campaign was being underestimated. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Biden is blind to the fact his campaign is losing.
Boldly stepping into the deep blue state of New Jersey, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump delivered a message to the conservatives at the famed Boardwalk on Saturday night, declaring the state in play this November. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Time will tell - Trump should win.
Billionaire investor Kenneth Griffin called on his alma mater Harvard University on Saturday to embrace "Western values," saying that the turmoil across college campuses was the product of a "cultural revolution" in U.S. education. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Harvard has lost credibility.


The EU earlier this week approved a plan that will allow profits earned by investing frozen Russian assets in Europe to be used for weapons for Ukraine, but Ukrainian Justice Minister Denys Maliuska says the yearly package of more than $3.2 billion isn't enough. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Biden and NATO's fault.
Some Maryland Democrats have a soft spot for Larry Hogan, their former two-term Republican governor in a heavily blue state. But they don't want to turn an open Senate seat - and possibly control of the chamber - over to the GOP this year. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Hopefully, the GOP will prevail in both Houses and the WH.
Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh said on Friday that when it comes to trusting in the U.S. judicial system, "consistency builds respect." Newsmax
Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., told reporters on Friday that the Biden administration's report on Israel's war conduct of the war in Gaza is "woefully inadequate," The Hill reported. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: It was a Biden blunder and lie.
The largest Catholic hospital chain in the United States said a "cybersecurity event" hit its network, the second such event to hit a major hospital chain this year. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: The culprits must be caught and punished.
Vladimir Putin is "on the ropes, there's no question" after ambassadors from EU countries earlier this week agreed to use windfall profits from Russian central bank assets frozen in the EU for Ukraine's defense, said U.S.-born British financier and political activist Bill Browder. Newsmax


Supporters of Israel gathered outside the Manhattan office of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., on Friday, chanting "traitor" and calling on the nation's highest-ranking Jewish politician to resign for "backstabbing" Israel and falling silent in the wake of a... Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Schumer is a traitor to the US and Israel.
The remark, made as Biden closed in on the Democrats’ 2020 nomination, has served as a handy explanation for his otherwise inexplicable habit of seizing defeat from the jaws of victory. New York Post
VOA VIEW: An Idiot.
“You could take the 10 worst presidents in the history of our country, and add them up .. and they haven’t done the damage to our country that this total moron has done,” Trump seethed in Wildwood Saturday night. New York Post
VOA VIEW: A truism.
Maine lawmakers sustained vetoes of bills to institute a minimum wage for farm workers and to ban so-called bump stocks that allow a gun to mimic a machine gun on Friday as they attempted to dispatch unfinished business including 80 late spending proposals. Washington Times

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told attendees at a judicial conference Friday that he and his wife have faced "nastiness" and "lies" over the last several years and decried Washington, D.C., as a "hideous place." Washington Times
President Biden handed his political foes an easy lay-up by calling on Americans to "support women's sports" after overhauling Title IX to include biological males who identify as female. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden is a fool.
Since the summer of 2020, dozens of schools in the nation named for Confederate leaders have changed their names, but this week, a Virginia school district has become likely the first in the nation to reverse course. The Shenandoah County school board overwhelmingly voted to restore the names of Confederate leaders to a high school and an elementary school. CBS
VOA VIEW: Great!


A new, highly-awaited report from the Biden administration says Israel may have violated international humanitarian law in Gaza, but stopped short of a definitive assessment of wrongdoing. The report is drawing intense backlash from both political parties. CBS
VOA VIEW: More Biden lies that will be found unfounded excuses.
Tens of thousands​ of transborder students — some as young as kindergarteners — cross the border from Mexico into California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to pursue an education in the United States. CBS
VOA VIEW: Sad state of affairs.
Former President Donald Trump will return to a New York City courtroom on Monday for his ongoing criminal hush money trial. His former attorney and one-time fixer Michael Cohen, a key witness for the prosecution, is expected to take the stand days after adult film star Stormy Daniels testified. CBS
VOA VIEW: Cohen is a lying fool.
In a reversal experts believe was the first of its kind, Shenandoah County's school board voted 5-1 to rename Mountain View High School as Stonewall Jackson High School and Honey Run Elementary as Ashby Lee Elementary. CBS
Peggy Means' only daughter was in a coma with virtually no chance of ever coming out of it, doctors told her. And yet, Means refused to let them pull the plug. Steve Hartman has the incredible story in "On the Road." CBS
VOA VIEW: Good mom.

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There's new reporting on the controversy surrounding the Miss USA organization. Both Miss USA and Miss Teen USA relinquished their crowns and titles this week amid reports of a work environment that included bullying and harassment. Natalie Morales as more on the possible hidden message found in one of the pageant winner's statements. CBS
Donald Trump has several names on his VP shortlist already, including Sen. Tim Scott, Rep. Elise Stefanik and Gov. Doug Burgum. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Good, Haley caused her own demise.
From burgers to smoothies, these restaurants want to help treat moms to something special and affordable on Mother's Day. CNBC

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A group of Latino executives are starting an organization to promote Hispanic advancement within the sports industry. CNBC
VOA VIEW: As they should.
The latest crackdown on returns is only that latest effort by retailers to tamp down on return losses, with many U.S. names using third-party tracking software. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The situation got out of hand.
Detroit automakers like General Motors made a fortune selling cars to Chinese consumers. But Chinese firms have caught up. CNBC
VOA VIEW: China stole the secrets and made things better.
The potential new offering comes at a time when low-income consumers are beginning to pull back on spending, particularly at fast-food brands. CNBC
President Joe Biden's top economic advisor Lael Brainard is calling for higher taxes on the ultra-wealthy and corporations to pay for middle-class tax breaks. CNBC
VOA VIEW: More Biden stupidity.
Golden Together's Steve Hilton and Gloria Romero implore state colleges and universities to reinstate canceled classes and commencements. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The lift wing colleges must change course.
A pilot managed alcohol program in San Francisco provides free glasses of beer and vodka shots to homeless alcoholics so that they won't use the city's emergency services. FOX News
VOA VIEW: SF is a mess.
ASU's police chief was placed on administrative leave while officials reviews complaints against him related to anti-Israel protests on campus. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Act like a fool and go down like one.
Congressional lawmakers are demanding answers from Northwestern University over a dead reached with anti-Israel protesters in an effort to end disruptive behavior. FOX News
The University of Pennsylvania dismantled an anti-Israel encampment on campus Friday, arresting 33 people and citing them for defiant trespass. FOX News
VOA VIEW: A start.
A Texas judge has blocked President Joe Biden's attempts to implement a rule that would cap credit card late fees at $8. UPI
Dozens of graduating students protested Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin's commencement address by walking out during Virginia Commonwealth University's commencement Saturday morning. UPI
VOA VIEW: Fools!
Israel on Saturday ordered thousands more people to evacuate the city of Rafah in southern Gaza as it expands its military operation on the ground. UPI
VOA VIEW: Good - Biden lost.
Russian military forces launched a new series of assaults on the region around the northeast Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, leading to thousands of evacuations from the area. UPI
VOA VIEW: Another Biden dumb policy.
A group of Republican senators on Friday introduced legislation aimed to steer women away from abortion by boosting access to resources for pregnant women. UPI
VOA VIEW: A good change.
Donald Trump's youngest son Barron Trump has turned down an offer to serve as a delegate for Florida at this year's Republican National Convention. UPI
VOA VIEW: He was too young.
Chinese EV electric vehicle maker Zeekr, owned by Geely, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday. Shares climbed some 38% for a potential $7 billion valuation in Zeekr's initial public offer. UPI
The United Nations General Assembly on Friday granted an expanded status of Palestine to "observer state" as Israel continues to pummel Gaza in an eight-month war against Hamas after its initial attack in October. UPI
VOA VIEW: The UN is a joke.

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After a tumultuous last six months, Cornell University President Martha Pollack is resigning, ending a 7-year tenure at the Ivy League institution. UPI
VOA VIEW: It's about time.

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